Ghent Computer

400 W. Olney Road Norfolk, Virginia 23507

Our Mission
To deliver a rational and proactive IT service model that not only relieves our clients from the worries and troubles that their computers may cause them, but also help them utilize their computers to make their lives easier.

Our Service Values
To offer products and services that exceed our clients expectations
To work with our client's as friends, not just consultants
To always be honest and trustworthy

Our Experience
Ghent Computer staffs certified and experienced professionals. It is our belief that hiring quality staff leads to quality service. Ghent Computer is a Microsoft Certified Partner who staffs A+, Network+, Microsoft Certified Professionals, and Microsoft Certified Administrators. We also have experienced staff who support Mac OSX and Linux

Our History
Ghent Computer was founded to help small businesses who lose time and money because of computer problems. It can be terribly frustrating when something you need is broken and you do not know how to fix it. I feel the same way some of my clients feel about their computers about my car!

We started Ghent Computer as a traditional break fix company. This simply means that when something breaks you call us. It seemed like the right idea at the time. However, over the first years of our business we began to realize that this service model did not meet all the needs of our customers.

To start, if you wait until something breaks, it is most of the time more expensive than if you can catch it in the first place. We did not have a proactive way of finding problems before they occurred and we did not have the software tools. Customers also expressed interest in one flat monthly rate. Many of our competitors are offering some of these features a la carte. We decided to create an all-inclusive package that gave unlimited support, monitoring, vendor management, etc for one monthly price. No more haggling on hours spent, no more difficulty scheduling service calls, no more flying blind when it comes to the health of your network.

That service is GoSys. A service that is driven by a state of the art software technology to give you the best computer support experience you have ever had.

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There are no active positions available at this time.

400 W. Olney Road
Norfolk Virginia 23507
United States
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  • Career Contact Luke Downing

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